My name is Erich Turner and I live in Springfield, TN.

As I approach the age of "retirement", I have been seeking a way to continue to be productive, to earn a small living wage, and still enjoy the benefits of that retirement.

To that end, I own a small sound system.
That sound system will surely never do stadiums or arenas but is certainly suitable for most any club or other small venue application. Bands, weddings, parties, etc.
And while some of the gear may not cost an arm and a leg, it's not always the gear as much as the ear.

In this regard, and with a minimum of name dropping, a bit about myself.
I am NOT a car salesman or guitar player who does this on the side.
I have been a "soundman" for almost 40 years.
I have worked for major sound companies including Clair Bros. Audio, and acts such as The Temptations and Four Tops, Crystal Gayle, and Diamond Rio.
I have been fortunate to work with some of the best mixers in the live audio business.
I have been blessed by the powers that be with a pretty decent set of ears.

My system is configured to enable me to ”set it up and get it going”, more or less by myself. This helps to keep costs at a minimum, providing a savings to the consumer.

I won't bore you with specific technical details on this page.
Those will be listed on the TECHNICAL RIDER page for those interested. 
Or you may feel free to call anytime.

Bottom line is that I am hard working, honest, and I know what I'm doing.
To the best of my abilities I can and will work within a budget. 
Because of my lower overhead, I can probably beat most anyone's price.
Because of my skills, I can probably provide better audio.

I can provide references as to both the system and my abilities, and for any statement made herein, if so desired. I also have a few pictures available.

I would like for you to consider my system as a possibility for your next sound reinforcement need.

Thank you.

Erich Turner                                                                                                             ETA SERVICES                                                                                                            615-337-5042